Adverteam alongside Assolombarda to tell about our country

Adverteam signed two projects realised for Assolombarda with the aim of representing the deepest meaning of doing business, a meaning that goes beyond the strictly economic performance and reflects the social role of the entrepreneur’s job within his or her own the community.

Thus was born the idea of ​​conveying the message with the effectiveness and realism of a cinematographic story: “The Enterprise of Serving Italy” is a short film written by Mauro Belloni, directed by Luca Lucini, and produced by Maremosso, featuring the extraordinary performances of Filippo Nigro and Giuseppe Cederna.

The film was premiered during Assolombarda Annual Assembly, held at La Scala in Milan on 3rd October 2019, in front of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Milan, among others.

Also the Podcast “Small Industry, Great Story” was presented: a sound journey in nine episodes that traces the evolution and transformation of our country, through the history of the Small Industry, the beating heart of the Italian manufacturing, and of the Lombard businesses. From the post-war period to today, the history revives through original audio contributions from Istituto Luce, interviews and anecdotes told by those who lived through those decades.

The project is freely inspired by the interviews conducted by Antonio Calabrò, Vice President of Assolombarda, with the support of the Center for Corporate Culture.

Listen to the first episode (24th June 2020).

Client: Assolombarda

Event Typology: B2B

Target: Associated companies, institutions, media