Strategy. Ideas. Tools.

We assist customers in planning and developing together the most effective approaches.

We plan targeted, integrated and multi-channel marketing and communications events that can generate added value using innovative language and unconventional tools.


Next Solution is Next Group’s company dedicated to create, plan and manage promotional and communication activities aimed at B2C and B2B channels


  • Loyalty
  • Reward schemes
  • Short collection


  • Prize competitions
  • Instant win, rush & win
  • Category-based or lottery challenges
  • Engagement
  • Gamification


• Incentive program
• Loyalty

Our products

It is an innovative technological ecosystem with advanced IT solutions able to support the management of tens of millions users and able to produce the most diverse engagement and loyalty activities.

Use: loyalty program
Target: B2C

It is a platform able to activate catalogue award programs rapidly and flexibly. Back-end management to access all programme’s KPI. Attractive and customizable front-end.

Use: trade e incentive
Target: B2B

It is a tool to manage complex initiatives involving the selection, widespread customization and bundling of professional products and/or dedicated merchandising.

Use: brand awareness
Target: B2B

Exclusive system of caring reward. A platform which gives access to special offers and exclusive experiences proposed by more than 250 brands.

Use: Caring 
Target: B2C

Digital vouchers with choosing and redemption process easily and intuitively. Within a single electronic voucher, it encloses the most important partners in various products sectors.

Use: fidelity & rewarding program
Target: B2B, B2C

It gives the possibility to chose the prize displayed inside a selection of 4 different options by means of an electronic “fast and easy” tool. One4You is also available in paper version.

Use: trade loader and tactical moves
Target: B2B,B2C

Shopping voucher to spend within the on-line catalogue with tens of thousands of prizes. Customisable front end. Possibility to accumulate vouchers. Fast deliveries.

Use: activation, retention e short collection.
Target: B2B

A highly effective web app aimed at creating a DB for tactical actions supporting purchase and reiteration. The integration with the Privilege Club offers an immediate advantage once registered.

Use: IW and Short Collection Target: B2C

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